I-Beam & H-Beam

Wide flange beam is also known as H BEAM due to their distinctive shape, similar to a capital “H” when viewed at the cross section. This shape is very efficient for carrying loads of weight without bending.

Benefits of using IBeam & HBeam

COST-EFFECTIVE : Having a robust structural component like an I Beam is in every way beneficial to a construction project. Uniquely, one of those ways is cost reduction. For high strength construction components, using fewer components is imperative. And the use of fewer components results in an overall reduction in material cost. 

DURABLE: Another unique property of I Beam’s is it’s anti-aging property. Unlike traditional wood beams, an infestation of the I Beam’s by termites, mold, or mildew is impossible. Therefore, they do not split or crack with age. They also do not warp, rot, or expand during the wet season. The standards and regulations in I Beam’s fabrication make specifications of I Beam’s the same in any region of the world. Production of wood beams is from trees. Therefore, regardless of cutting specifications, it is somewhat impossible to have the same properties in all regions.

ADAPTABLE: In conclusion, it is additionally easier to adjust a structure made with I-beams since they are readily available for necessary addition or modification, for example, renovations or size expansions. Wood beams are not adaptable; for this reason, they are easily replaced by I-beams during renovations.

With a consistently improving steel industry, steel beams will continue to be one of the main parts of our cutting-edge structures, regardless of whether commercial or residential. I-beams, in particular, will remain popular due to their quality and versatility.

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