Steel Deck

Steel deck is a structural panel element that acts as the surface of a floor or roof. The deck is roll formed from structural quality sheet steel and is engineered to span over joist or purlins even after being a structural component and with its uniform quality these metal decks can provide an attractive appearance.

Advantages Of Steel Deck

Versatility- Steel deck products are available in a variety of thickness to meet most structural requirements. This extensive choice of options makes steel deck applicable to a wide range of projects and structural designs.

Aesthetics- With the properly specified prefinished coating, steel deck is easy to maintain, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

All-Weather Construction: Steel deck can be erected in most weather conditions, eliminating the costly delays that can occur with other types of roof systems.


Steel deck can provide additional stability to a structural frame when used as flooring. To maximize strength and support the roofing materials, a narrower rib pattern must be created when use as roof decking. Steel decking is a cost-effective, durable and simple to install alternative for builders. It offers high-quality as cold-rolled steel material, with little maintenance.

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